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Alaskan Storybook

For just plain being different, this book gets kudos. Red Riding Hood is a fish, while the wolf is an eel, and it turns out everybody becomes friends over octopie with grape jellyfish. The moral is to make new friends and not judge people by appearances, and then there's a cut out paper doll section of fish to color and hats for them to wear. Weird, yes, but fun.

                              —Goodreads review


Art by Evon Zerbetz      Story by Neil Gilbertsen    

Hardbound $16.95

Softcover $10.95

Published by Octopoda Press, 2015

"Once upon a maritime..." begins this underwater twist on the classic. Red snapper dons her favorite squid tasseled hat and sets out to grandmother's house with a fresh-baked octopi. Red meets up with the Wolf Eel in the kelp forest and again in Grandma's oyster bed with an amiable surprise ending. Full of fishy puns and details for sharp eyes, Little Red Snapperhood is a fun romp under the ocean.


Fresh Baked Octopi linocut

A Fresh Baked Octopi - Linocut

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Original linocut artwork from

Little Red Snapperhood is available in small editions! 

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