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.Paper Doll

Little Red loves to dress up! Use your imagination to color Red and her hat collection. Ask a grownup to help you with cutting, and then try them all on.

Fish Paper Doll

The paper doll is a unique end page in the hardcover version of Little Red Snapperhood. Evon came up with the idea after she had designed a hat collection for Little Red, as she pondered what kind of hat a fish might have. For the book, she decided on a simple red "hood" for Little Red's trip to grandma's. A sassy green squid tassel on the hood made that hat into a character that could turn doorknobs and squirt ink!


In the book we see Little Red looking into her shell mirror and there are many hat boxes on this image, showing her fondness for hats. Rather than cut up your book, print the pdf onto cardstock to color and cut.


Get Curious and Think! Evon's art challenges invite kids (and adults) to make art, write, research, and dance. Click on a challenge to open a full instructional pdf.

Evon developed these art challenges as a response to the pandemic and kids staying at home in spring 2020. You can adapt projects like the Full Moon to the current date. Stay tuned for more projects.

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